The Exorcist Screenplay

Screenplay by William Peter Blatty
Directed by William Friedkin

The classic supernatural horror story about the demonic possession of a young girl, the script for THE EXORCIST is incredibly dynamic and sophisticated for the genre. The script won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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The Shining Screenplay

Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson
Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Based on the Stephen King novel, the script for THE SHINING explores themes of alcoholism and madness in the context of a sustained sense of horror. The film by Kubrick was released in 1980 and consistently ranks among the most influential in the horror genre.

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Halloween Horror Screenplay

Screenplay by John Carpenter, Debora Hill
Directed by John Carpenter

With HALLOWEEN, there's never any doubt about what genre of movie script you're reading: it's pure horror/slasher from the first page. Although the script may not be as artful or literary as many classic horror film scripts, but there's a general consensus that it set the standard for modern horror.

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4. ROSEMARY'S BABY     Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by Roman Polanski

5. PSYCHO    Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by Joseph Stephano

6. THE OMEN     Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by David Seltzer

7. ALIEN    Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by Dan O'Bannan

8. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD     Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by George Romero, John Russo

6. JACOB'S LADDER     Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by Bruce Joel Ruben

10. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS     Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard