Short Script Review: The Many Faces of Beth Jones

The Many Faces of Beth Jones Comedy Short.png

The Many Faces of Beth Jones follows the eponymous Beth as she meets her agent after a successful stint in a TV show. Aching to be a star, Beth is full of excitement for the new roles her agent has found for her. But the new roles might not be exactly what she was hoping for...

The humor of the film kicks in right away, just as you realize that Beth is very likely not getting her dream role on this particular visit to her agent. The moment the comedy starts to create an established pattern, there’s a perfect twist right at the end.

The film premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in 2018 and was shortlisted for the Performance Short Film Award.

According to director Harvey Puttock, “I wrote and directed the five-minute comedy short in 2018, a first for me in terms of genre and length. The screenplay was inspired by sketch comedy and the onslaught of ridiculous franchise films out there (I’m looking at you Battleship movie).”

After watching the short film below… Read the screenplay!