Love Sick, Love Struck, or Fuck Love? Films to Watch this Valentine's Day


Whatever your feelings about Valentine’s Day, a good movie can make any holiday better. Whether it’s full on rage, feeling like a smitten kitten, sitting in a puddle of tears, or saying, “Screw this holiday, it’s all a capitalistic scam anyway,” we feel you! We listed some films you could watch for a spectrum of feelings. The list skews heavily toward romantic indie film that have great scripts.

So, after you watch the film, grab some chocolate, put on Marvin Gaye in the background, and read the script!

harold and maude screenplay.png

Harold and Maude

Read the Screenplay!


Love and Basketball

Read the Screenplay!


Lars and the Real Girl

Read the Screenplay!


Crazy Rich Asians

Read the Screenplay!


Brokeback Mountain

Read the Screenplay!

Punch Drunk Love.png

Punch-Drunk Love

Read the Screenplay!