Golden Globes 2018: "Three Billboards" Wins Best Screenplay, Motion Picture


It's the beginning of new year and tonight marked the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Graciously, this evening wasn't the typical red carpet affair centered on women's outfits rather than their bodies' of work. Instead, the evening put the #MeToo campaign in front and center, showing open support for survivors of sexual assault. Actors and actresses also addressed issues of racial and gender inequality. 

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri won the award for best screenplay in the motion picture category. The film, written by Martin McDonagh, centers around a mother's emotionally overwhelming experience of trying to find her daughter's murderer and rapist. Within the film are tense discussions involving racism and oppression of people of color. However, these aren't exactly subjects that can be tackled without some amount of backlash. Many have found flaws in the depiction of a "racist bad cop turned good" as well as a lack of diversity in the film's characters. These conversations are critical to be had in order to learn and grow--and film is a good catalyst for these discussions. 

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