Finding Screenplays Online

how to find screenplay online

How do you find screenplays online? A quick Google search will usually pull up almost anything you’re looking for. You may have a hard time finding scripts for new movies or lesser-known movie scripts, but otherwise there's a good chance you'll find some version of the screenplay you're after.

Keep in mind that you won't always find the final shooting scripts. Usually it'll be pretty obvious what version you're looking at, since the first page will say "first draft," etc. If there are numbers along the side, then that's probably the shooting script.

Online Databases

There are quite a few online screenplay databases, although some aren't updated very often. is unique in that it organizes scripts by specific categories, rather than simply by alphabetical order. Here are three quality databases that are easy to browse:

Finding Unproduced Gems Online

If you have a favorite screenwriter, you can sometimes get lucky and find one of their unproduced screenplays online. These can be entertaining and also educational.

Even the best screenwriters sometimes write total flops, but if the script ended up on the Internet, there’s a good chance it probably has at least some merit.

For example, David Lynch's website has these two unproductive screenplays online: One Saliva Bubble and Ronnie Rocket. If you're a David Lynch fan, these are definitely worth checking out!