Trashy Screenwriter Spotlight: John Waters

John Waters Screenwriter

Even if you love him, chances are you don't think of him as a screenwriter. It's more likely you think of him as a "filmmaker," or simply as John Waters--a personality too grand for a single job title.

In his book, Role Models, John Waters says he doesn't have hobbies. Hobbies? Please! He doesn't do something as a hobby; everything he does, he does all the way.

So the fact that John Waters happens to have written screenplays shouldn't be taken lightly. Despite his immaculate personality, his status as a culture icon, and his mustache, he is indeed a serious screenwriter.

Great screenwriters are very often great writers of prose, too. See: William Goldman. See also: Joan Didion. Same goes for John Waters, who has written a number of highly entertaining, witty, and even enlightening books. His prose is incredibly reader-friendly and personable, to the point where you even feel like you know the guy after just a few pages. Few writers can pull that off.

Our personal favorite: Carsick. But now, as for his screenplays...

The Pope of Trash as Screenwriter

John Waters Screenwriter Pink Flamingos

So begins the script for Pink Flamingos. And the weirdness doesn't let up. Just as with his books, his screenplays (even the weird ones) are surprisingly accessible and enjoyable to read.

It's not easy finding quality versions of his scripts online. If you find any, let us know! However, his works are available in paperback. You can pick up a used copy from Amazon for about $4. Not bad! We recommend these two:

We have Cry-Baby on our reading list. Looks like the best place to pick up a copy for this is eBay. Although it seems more appropriate to pick up a John Waters script in a dusty second-hand store. Anyone want to join us for a weekend John Waters screenplay scavenger hunt?